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Coming Fall 2020

Learn with AL is an INTENSIVE 30 day mentoring|coaching on how to start and/or grow your invitation and stationery business.

Running an artistic company can be very rewarding and also very challenging. So, I am not going to take this moment to tell you about all of my accomplishments. With over 6 years of experience, I would rather  let you know that I have been in your shoes and have faced many challenges. Unfortunately, when I started I didn't have any help, everything was new and I self-taught myself.

I had to get in the trenches and put in the real work. Ordering and returning until I got it right.

Most importantly, I never gave up and I stayed consistent!


It’s seems easy to say get around like minded people, but in your circle everyone has their own paths.

You need to be around someone who has walked YOUR path! If you have followed my journey, you only saw a glimpse.

No one saw that for almost 2 years straight I didn’t sleep on Thursday nights (we’ll discuss this later).

I am a risk taker, a problem solver, the girl that strives for perfection.

When plan B was never an option after plan A failed. I am the one who creates a plan B on the spot because failing is not an option.

So the difference between where you are and where you want to be is accountability, discipline and consistency!


This 1:1 intensive 30 days is not just me empowering you, you will have me at your disposal for 30 days, so let's make it count!

I want to hold you accountable, I want you to show up EVERYDAY for 30 days straight.

They say it takes 14 days to form a habit, right? Who doesn't want a habit of making money and living out your dreams.

I did it and you can too! 

Yeah, we will have a few breaks, but you may not even want them! This isn’t rocket science, it’s just time to get to work!

Who is Learn with AL for?


Learn with AL is ideally for someone who is passionate about invitations and stationery. Someone who is fascinated with paper, textures, embellishments and the list goes on and on! Whether just beginning or you have already launched your business,

Learn with AL will give you confidence, but most importantly, the tools for longevity.


This 1:1 is NOT for those who are not ready to make a HONEST commitment. It’s for those who want to get started NOW or who have gotten started and their hard work is now going unnoticed. 



How does Learn with AL work?


    •        5  1:1 live FaceTime sessions with Alexandria Lindo (No time limit)   

    •        Weekly game plan to get the most of your 30 days with weekly accountability follow up

             (This will not be cookie cutter. I will get to know you personally!)

    •        Recorded video & audio lessons     

    •        Interactive screen sharing (if needed)

    •        UNLIMITED mentoring and ongoing support via email and phone



What knowledge will I acquire during these 30 days?


    •        How to price your products for profit

    •        Time management and managing your client’s schedule

    •        Access to AL’s little black book of suppliers we love

    •        Understand and calculate your business potential profit margins and when to hire

    •        Managing your print schedule whether in house and/or outsourcing

    •        Organizing your client log

    •        Building a solid contract and important challenges you need to know

    •        How to give your clients an experience through your branding package

    •        How to handle your clients and manage work relationships

    •        Collaborating the right way

    •        Getting the message right on social media through marketing/managing your brand ID

    •        Clearly identifying your brand for your targeted audience

    •        Build an impressive portfolio in just 30 days

    •        How to take the perfect picture with your smartphone (yes, it’s that simple)

    •        Discuss different platforms to sell your products and actually start adding preexisting and/or new products

    •        Comprehensive techniques outlining material and various tools to create stunning products

    •        AND so much more!



What should I have to make sure I’m successful in this 30 day 1:1 intensive? (Prerequisites) 


  In order to truly get the full experience you should have the following: 

    1) Open mind and no excuses! 

    2) A printer or the ability to obtain one at a minimum (If you are buying one for this course, please let me know)

    3) Program of your choice to develop graphics




You have the option to pay in full or pay 4 installments. If you opt for the installment plan, to reserve your spot, a deposit of $TBD is required upon enrollment and the remaining balance will be invoiced on a set schedule. Must be paid in full by start date.

Reminders will be sent. 


Non refundable and no refunds under any circumstance. Once your 30 days start, you can not opt out at any time, you must stay committed. Extreme circumstance will be evaluated on a case by case basis. I understand that things happen. 

Optional Add-ons at a discounted rate?

Logo and website development if you do not have one. It's important that you have both upon the completion of these 30 days. 

Lets make 2020 your best year yet!


Good morning Alexandria!

Wow! Its been a while. I generally keep emails.

These that I started back in 2015 up til Jan almost 2018! What a difference it has been with my growth.

I spent yesterday and this morning reading over all the questions that I had....and how I now know what I KNOW! 
What a difference.

Just wanted you to know I appreciated you from then. I'm still growing.... But getting paid along the way now!

Have a good day and take care.” 

—  Marie, Ree-Dun Imagination

IG @beautifuldesigns4you

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